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Soft Brown

With its thin-as-a-pin precision brush, our pigmented eyebrow pomade makes it easy to draw individual hairs, one fine stroke at a time. Creating a blend right into your true brow thanks to a range of natural shades that match your hair color.

The result looks so legit, you can't tell where your real brow ends and your eyebrow makeup begins!

Define, shape, build, fill in and flick up for fullness. Toss those basic eyebrow pencils and get the ultimate cruelty-free eyebrow pomade.

Now you can have thicker brows whether you were #blessed with them or not.

The eyebrow pomade comes in a range of natural hair colors that blend in with your real brow.

What it does: Mimics the texture and fullness of naturally bushy brows with feather-light strokes, that last up to 12hrs

What it won't do: Give you insta-brows that look fake and harsh.


Using a light hand and almost no pressure, draw fine strokes in the direction of natural hair growth. Use a brow spolly to fill in sparse spots or if you're going for a full bushy effect, add strokes higher than your natural brow shape.

Soft Brown

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